Fish Fans’ Dilemma:Two Great Meetings On Jan. 8th

Try as you might, there’s no way that you can be in two places at the same time. And this Saturday, that’s really unfortunate. Preempted by New Year’s Day last Saturday, the Potomac Valley Aquarium Society moved its monthly meeting in Fairfax to the second Saturday of the month, January 8th. Which also happens to be when the Capital Cichlid Association meets in Silver Spring. Josh Wiegert will take the podium at PVAS for his talk Conservation and the Aquarium Hobby. “Aquarists have a vested interest in continuing to protect our aquatic and other natural resources, but at the same time, represent an interesting threat to those same resources,” Josh wrote in an e-mail. He invites area fish keepers to come to the meeting to “Learn how we can mitigate the latter while increasing the former.” Meanwhile, over at CCA, Matt Quinn will show slides from his time in Uruguay and describe that country’s biotopes, which contain unusual cichlids, characins, and representatives of other South American fish groups. CCA members will also be eligible for a door prize– a 90 gallon aquarium, completed with stand, filter and other equipment. The door prize is limited to current CCA members, who must attend the meeting to qualify, and who must be 18 or older. Don’t forget that it’s January, and dues are due for both clubs. Along with food, both meetings will also have a mini auction– generally great places to get equipment, fish, plants, and other aquarium-related items.

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