So who is Sonny and where is his fish room?  When I first logged on to a local fish club forum, my kids told me that it wasn’t cool to use my real name, and that I should come up with a cool pseudonym for a user name.  I picked “Sonny Disposition,” because I like sunfish.  It wasn’t for my attitude or personality, it was just a play on words: “disposed towards sunfish.”  When I told my kids about it, they told me it wasn’t cool, it was nerdy, a name an old lady would pick.   But I  liked the name then (I still do) and I thought “Sonny’s Fish Room” would be a good name for an aquarium blog.  So welcome to Sonny’s Fish Room, a blog chronicling my involvement with the aquarium hobby and reporting on the aquarium club scene in the Washington, D.C. area, one of the most aquarium-centric parts of the U.S.

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