Shop Report: Rick’s Fish and Pet Supply

Entrance to Rick's

The Entrance to Rick's Fish and Pet Supply

I drove up to Frederick, Maryland, recently, to visit Rick’s Fish and Pet Supply.  It’s in a shopping mall on West Patrick Street, off Route 15, just north of I 270. In this store, they do everything right. For starters, I didn’t see a single sick or dying fish. I know, I know, it’s not necessarily the store’s fault when fish get sick. Sometimes they arrive from the shippers in less than optimal condition. Still, I’m not likely to take a chance on livestock if someone can’t check the tanks every so often and scoop out the floaters and the wobblies. Anyway, like I said, I didn’t see any of that at Rick’s.

Entrance to the fish room

Entrance to the fish room at Rick's.

The racks were painted black, and the overhead lighting was subdued. The combination made it really easy to see what was inside the tanks. All of which, I want to point out, were clean and well vacuumed.


I think this was a Badis. Unfortunately it was the only one in the tank, and there was no description of it on the glass.

It’s a decent size store– not really big, but not small either. Rick’s has a respectable assortment of fishes to meet nearly every aquarist’s tastes. For the most part, all the tanks were well labeled, with the names of the tank inhabitants legibly written out. The staff was also courteous and eager to help. If you’re ever in Frederick, Maryland, I definitely recommend you stop in and visit Rick’s Fish and Pet Supply.

Discus tank

The discus tank at Rick's.

Rainbow cichlids, Herotilapia multispinosa

The rainbow cichlid tank.

Fish room Aisle

Looking down one of the aisles at Rick's.

Congo tetras and catfish

Love that gravel! And the congo tetras and the catfish were really nice, too.

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7 Responses to Shop Report: Rick’s Fish and Pet Supply

  1. annie m. hall says:

    I visited Rick’s recently and I noticed right away that their fish appear to be happy! They are alert, active, and when you approach the tanks many of them come forward to have a look at you and beg to be fed. ..and like you said, no floaters . His prices seemed reasonable too. Not dirt cheap, but not expensive either.

  2. Richard says:

    Great website. BTW, the “badis” is microctenopoma ansorgii

  3. Nice blog. Your unknown fish is Microctenopoma ansorgii.

  4. Marge Collins says:

    I like the virtual fish store trip! The pics give a good idea of what it is like to browse through the aisles of yet another lfs. Feel like I have been to Rick’s in Frederick with you. Thanks.

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